Marijuana: Fact Or Fiction is a voluntary non-profit organization domiciled in the state of Colorado. The organization was founded back in 2001 to engage the fight to roll back the medieval laws outlawing marijuana in Colorado and facilitate a more progressive and enlightened public policy. The organization was founded by Perry Nichols, a Denver-based attorney, and by Heidi Hetherington, a reporter for the Rocky Mountain News. For the first three years of its existence the organization was run out of the office in Perry Nichols’ home, but finally it secured office space in Arvada, a close suburb of Denver, a city in the greater Denver metropolitan area. By 2008 the organization had more than 7,000 volunteers on its rolls, and those volunteers were a key element in the legalization of marijuana in Colorado. In 2014, after legalization went into effect, Perry Nichols started this blog, which is targeted at his volunteers inside the state.