We have worked out a special deal with Evergreen Taxi to take our supporters up to the ski slopes this year

All of the longtime supporters of Marijuana: Fact or Fiction, the volunteer group that more than any other was responsible for the ultimate legalization of marijuana in Colorado, will be happy to hear that this year we have worked out a special discount price with a taxi company to take our supporters up to the ski slopes for our annual ski trip.

The taxi company is Evergreen Taxi Services Co, located in (you guessed it!) Evergreen, Colorado.

Although Evergreen Taxi Services Co. is primarily a taxi company, during the wintertime it also provides transportation in minibuses up to the mountains for skiers and their families.

Because we will have more than 100 people going up to the slopes this year, we have been able to work out a special deal with Evergreen Taxi, who will be giving us a really major discounted fare structure.


For all of you who have made reservations earlier, please be sure to confirm those reservations as soon as you can with Marcia Jackson, who will be our trip coordinator this year just as she was last year.

We look forward to seeing all of you up there on the slopes this year, where we will all be not only skiing and snowboarding, but will also be sitting around the fireplace at night making plans to maintain the strength of our organization.

Most people in Colorado know us as the volunteer group that more than any other turned the tide in the misguided fight against the hemp plant, one of the most valuable plants in the whole botanical catalogue. We are certainly that, of course, but these days we are trying, as you all know, to expand our reach and take our fight to the other states in the union.

We were instrumental in helping California pass its recent marijuana legalization referendum, and we are working in a dozen other states as well.

The fight is not over, not by a long shot, and that’s what we are going to be talking about as we sit around the fireplace in the evenings on our ski trip, so I look forward to seeing you all there!